Viajes sostenibles y responsables en Indonesia

Mission Statement

Our Statement

We are committed to organize trips in Indonesia that are better for the world, for the locals and for travelers. Our trips should bring prosperity and benefits to local economies and communities while also respecting and protecting culture, wildlife and wild places. We are also focused on social and environmental responsibility in our business. We would like to reduce our environmental footprint and take initiatives to protect nature.


Our Core Values & Commitments

We would like to offer travel experiences that are both sustainable and show positive results.

Our main values and principles are:

To have positive impact on local communities.
With our travelers and suppliers we form a unique community based on passion and respect. We want to create fair travel experiences that bring sense to the travelers and benefits to local economies and communities.

Protect environment
We must focus our efforts on reducing our environmental footprint and take initiatives to protect wildlife and nature. As a local travel agency we aim to raise awareness among travelers and local communities on the need to preserve biodiversity and reduce the environmental impact of the places they visit. We are involved in many initiatives: reducing plastic waste, choosing eco-responsible accommodations, reforestation campaigns…

Our actions are:

1. Reduce our environmental impact by finding creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

2. Measure and monitor energy consumption and water use in all our operations, with the aim of reducing usage.

3. We encourage staff and customers to make use of environmentally eco-friendly transport.

4. We have created our Corporate Forest and we plant trees right away with Tree-Nation.

Tree-Nation offers us a comprehensive set of tools to allow us plant trees and make the most of each tree planted. With just a few clicks we can plant, keep track of our CO2 compensation and engage with our customers to build trust and loyalty around your company. Our goal is to become as much as possible a carbon neutral company.

5. Reduce paper consumption. To do so, we commit to adopt a sustainable printing policy, to optimize daily printing efficiency and to use sustainable /recycled office paper.

6. Gradually replacing equipment by environmentally sound technologies and practices. For example, when buying new printers, we will give preference to more energy and resources efficient ones.

7. Not promoting souvenirs which contain threatened flora and fauna species.


Child protection
Child protection is a strong commitment for us. Consequently, we have adopted a policy to cease all school and orphanage visits considered as detrimental to child emotional and human development.

Our employees
Our employees are our main asset. We ensure human right for all workers and we do respect Indonesian Law.

Our actions are:

We pay fair wages so they can cover their needs as well as the need of their family.
Respect Indonesian Law and the Law for workers.
Ensure a safe working environment for our employees both in our offices and during the tours we operate.
Refuse Child Labour
Provide our employees, both office and field-based, with comprehensive training and opportunities for personal and professional development.
We do not tolerate discrimination, exploitation or forced labour (modern-day slavery) in our business or supply chain


Our customers

We provide authentic tourist experiences that celebrate and conserve heritage and culture. We believe travel should be an enriching experience that leaves travelers transformed each time. We work hard towards a responsible travel connected with local reality. We create tailor-made travel experiences in favor of small local businesses and an alternative to mass tourism. We give travelers the time and opportunities to meet people and to immerse themselves in a new culture creating in this way unique and exceptional experiences.

In order to achieve this we provide correct messages and keep our clients informed about sustainability issues in the islands of Indonesia we operate in.

Our goal is to raise awareness about responsible tourism principles. Responsible tourism in Indonesia starts with responsible travelers.

Our actions are:

Give recommendations to our clients about how to travel responsible and in a sustainable way. For example, we will explain them why not buy illegal souvenirs, how to use sustainable transport, protect and respect children, why is not good orphanage and school visits…
We will advice them to give preference for local services and goods, respect of traditional culture and customs, environmental issues and animal welfare.
We will inform our customers about our sustainable commitments and code of conduct.
Provide customers with a 24h reachable contact and guidelines in case of emergency situations.


Our suppliers / Supply-Chain

We commit to asses and evaluate the level of sustainability of our suppliers. We do also communicate them our sustainability policy and practices so that they can follow them.

Our actions are:

1.Give preference to accommodation providers that have sustainability certification and/or are showing improvement in the sustainability of their operations.

2. Give preference to local owned business.

3. Give preference to local goods and services that benefit the communities that we operate in as well having a positive effect on the environment, including locally-owned accommodation, excursions and tour leaders from the destination.

4. Refuse to work with suppliers who are not complying with our fundamental responsible values.

Accommodation Suppliers:

Our accommodation suppliers are aware of our sustainability values.
We only work with them if they respect Human Rights and they fight against child labour and sexual exploitation of children.
They support local communities and wildlife protection.

Excursion Suppliers:

Our excursion suppliers are aware of our sustainability values.
We only work with them if they respect Human Rights and they fight against child labour and sexual exploitation of children.
They support local communities and wildlife protection.
They receive a copy of our Code of Conduct and of our EXCURSIONS DOS and DONTS.
They commit to support local communities, environment, biodiversity and wildlife protection.


Local Guides / Tour Leaders:

They are aware of our sustainability values.
They are encourage to adopt sustainable practices.
Are invited to follow specific trainings.
Communicate to travelers to inform them on relevant sustainability matters in the destination.
They promote greater environmental, cultural and social responsible conducts.


Sustainability Policy

Our tourism activities are conducted in harmony with the destination and in respect for the local laws, traditions, and customs.

If you have any questions, comments, remarks or suggestions about our responsible tourism approach, please feel free to email us on:

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