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Sulawesi Adventures  was created as a result of the passion and dreams of the director and founder  Josep Maria Soler. An adventurous young man, intrepid and looking always for new experiences arrived in Indonesia in 1996. A faraway country in that moment, hardly known in Occident. He falled in loved with this marvelous country. Since then, he was travelling all over Indonesia during 3 years. And in 1999 he entered the tourism world of Indonesia . He opened his own local travel agency. One of the first ones that were created in Indonesia with English local guides & staff.


Since there  our  human team has kept the adventurous, curious and romantis spirit of our director. We will make your dreams come true.

We have a good knowledge of the country, as we have been living here for  more tan 20 years and we do usually travel  around Indonesia  and sometimes guiding groups for Trekking to West Papua. Siberut, Sumba…we deeply know the country and we can offer you unique experiences and we can make you discover unusual and secluded places.

We offer  a huge range of services: adventure holidays, trekking holidays, cultural holidays, walking, exploring wildlife, family holidays, stylish & relaxing holidays, weddings & honeymoon holidays, roundtrips, packages, etc. We have a lot of tour inspirations and, under request, any special tour can be arranged.  As you know, Indonesia is  the largest archipelago in the world; this makes it a unique place in the world holding a  large variety of culture, flora, fauna and landscapes unique throughout the world. Its diversity and charm make Indonesia an unforgettable destination. The most important thing is that every trip is unique and tailored for each traveler. Our motivation is always surprise you!

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Our main purpose is to improve performances and give you a personal service  that exceeds your  expectations. Quality and professionalism constitue our core values.


We would like to share with you our passion for Indonesia and make you live unique travel experiences!

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